West Gippsland Fund

West Gippsland is one of Victoria’s biodiversity hotspots and acutely vulnerable to climate change.


Protecting West Gippsland’s Natural Wonders

We all know that West Gippsland is special – a spectacularly beautiful, vast and varied terrain stretching from Warragul in Victoria’s east to Sale in its west, north to the Great Dividing Range and south to Wilsons Promontory, boasting sandy beaches, lakes, mountains and lush farmlands. It is an iconic wilderness area, home to many of the state’s most popular natural places and native animals. 

The establishment of the West Gippsland Conservation Fund is an exciting initiative for Trust for Nature and the region.  It is not only a first for the Trust but a significant agent of change for conservation in West Gippsland. It transforms our ability to protect this wild, beautiful, richly biodiverse part of Victoria. It delivers security, sustainability and a game changing boost to our capacity to act on the ground to preserve and rehabilitate West Gippsland’s precious natural habitats.

Our initial goal was to establish a million dollar endowment fund that will be invested, with the returns invested in our ongoing conservation efforts in West Gippsland. We are tremendously grateful for the generous lead donor who made this campaign possible by offering to match, dollar-for-dollar, up to $500,000. With your support we have now reached our first milestone of $1,000,000, allowing for funds to start flowing soon to the region for conservation projects. We are now looking to grow the fund further to enable us to provide increased support for covenantors over the coming years. 

Trust for Nature is asking all of our friends and supporters across our extensive networks to follow this inspirational lead. We won’t realise our vision for West Gippsland without you.

Double your contribution, leave a legacy and make a gift now.

Learn more and view the West Gippsland Conservation Fund Prospectus.

The West Gippsland Conservation Fund will transform our ability to protect this wild, beautiful, richly biodiverse part of Victoria.


Trust for Nature would like to thank the following supporters for their contribution towards the West Gippsland Conservation Fund.

Susan Ball, Jean Christie, Benjamin Coombes, Joanna Cosgriff, Eleanor Cowell, Rob Cross, Tim Davies, Gift in memory of Mr Petrus (Peter) Droog and Mrs Hendrika (Rita) Droog, Yvonne Dunse, Mandy Gange, Albertus Koomen, Peter R Lemon, Grace Penlain, Trish Pinto, Frank W Schooneveldt, Georgina Whitehead, Debra A Youssef.

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