Revolving Fund

Purchasing and selling unique conservation properties to protect biodiversity


Ever dream of escaping to your own gorgeous country property surrounded by nature?

Trust for Nature supports over 1,000 landholders who have their own private Conservation Reserve. We also buy properties to sell to people willing to protect and care for valuable biodiversity.

Want to find out more? We are holding open days where we will show you what it is like to live on and look after a conservation property. We will also explain the support and guidance you can expect from Trust for Nature.

These open days will include enjoyable walks in nature for you to appreciate the natural beauty of Victoria’s biodiversity.

Register your interest by calling (03) 8631 5888, sending an email to or completing the contact form

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Trust for Nature operates a Revolving Fund dedicated to the purchase and protection of unique properties on the real estate market. We target land for sale with natural values that best contribute to sustaining Victoria’s biodiversity. 

Once purchased, we then sell the property to an owner willing to protect these conservation values through a conservation covenant. Sale proceeds are returned to the Revolving Fund to purchase more property, creating a continuous conservation investment cycle.

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'Yellowbox Ridge'

Soak up the incredible 360 degree view as you stroll along the ridge of this exceptional conservation property. 

The views of Mt Korong and Mt Kooyoora are just part of your reward for helping to restore this critically endangered ecological community, only to be enhanced as the local flora and fauna returns.

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'Glenmaggie Shores'

Ever dreamed of living lakeside? Now’s your chance! 

This incredible property comes with a current planning permit and is just over 2 hour’s drive from Melbourne. With views of Lake Glenmaggie, you’ll encounter an incredible array of flora and fauna. As the owner you’ll be sharing this property with a critically endangered Gippsland Red Gum ecological community. 

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'Merriman's Retreat'

Looking to escape? Lose yourself within this 40 hectare forest property in the beautiful Merriman’s Creek Valley. 

Strolling along the walking tracks, you’ll encounter an incredible array of flora and fauna. Keep an eye out for the orchids and lilies, the wedge-tailed eagle nesting area, and maybe even a koala or two. Unwind after your walk at one of the local vineyards.

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'Owlet Rise'

Imagine relaxing on your verandah soaking up the views across to Heathcote-Graytown National Park, and the Heathcote Bushland Reserve! Just over one and a half hour’s drive from Melbourne.

Spend the days exploring your 17 hectares of high priority conservation land. At night you might be lucky enough to spot a Brush-tailed Phascogale or Owlet Nightjar. 

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'Cooee Park'

This beautiful 37 hectare property is part of a critical conservation anchor within the Goulburn Broken landscape. 

Exploring the property you’ll find huge old eucalypts with hollows for wildlife, and a multitude of different plant and bird species. From a number of potential house sites, create a homely space and commute or retreat from Melbourne, only one hour’s drive away.

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'McHarg's Run'

This beautiful 283 hectare woodland property is bounded by Mt William Creek on the western boundary. 

You’ll find huge old Eucalypts with hollows for wildlife, and a wide variety of plants and birds. The 2km of creek is very picturesque and runs all year. With great access, a number of potential house sites to choose from, and located just over one hour’s drive from Melbourne.

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Statewide Conservation Plan

Statewide Conservation Plan

Trust for Nature has an integral role to play in the conservation of Victoria’s plants and animals. Our statutory powers allow us to work with private landowners to protect habitats and wildlife on private land in perpetuity.

Our Statewide Conservation Plan guides our work, alongside Trust for Nature’s Strategic Plan, to identify and achieve conservation goals across Victoria. The Plan is the first of its kind to address the conservation needs of ecosystems and species exclusively on private land in Australia and forms the guiding principles of all our conservation work. 

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