Neds Corner Station

It is the largest freehold property in Victoria and also the biggest private conservation reserve in the state.


Conserving Victoria’s outback jewel

Neds Corner is an important part of Victoria’s conservation and cultural landscape and through ongoing rehabilitation work it has blossomed into a true jewel of Victoria’s outback.

Situated in the Mallee region and adjacent to the Murray-Sunset National Park, this 30,000 hectare property represents a unique opportunity for nature conservation in Victoria.

The property, purchased by Trust for Nature in 2002, is home to almost 1000 species, including 77 threatened plants, 24 reptiles and more than 120 types of birds. Researchers have also found 21 species not previously known to science. Among its many wonders is a new species of daisy for Victoria.  The Large Hard-head Daisy is symbolic of the rich diversity of plants and animals that call Neds Corner home. Other treasures include a population of the nationally threatened Growling Grass Frog and a new species of fungus.

Under the care of Trust for Nature, Neds Corner has shown dramatic recovery from a heavily grazed agricultural holding to a conservation reserve of national significance. What were bare sand hills and hard, compacted plains are now vegetated with saltbush and blue bush vegetation.

This work has been led by Trust for Nature’s field staff, supported by project partners, staff and volunteers. Stock have been removed, extensive rabbit and fox control implemented, and large-scale re-vegetation carried out across the property.

"It is a very special place and we hope to leave a legacy of best practice conservation management for forthcoming generations to enjoy," said Peter Barnes, Manager of Neds Corner Station.

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