Impact Report 2017-18

Published October 2018


Impact Report 2017-18

In 2017-18, Trust for Nature celebrated two major milestones. The first was achieving more than 1400 voluntary conservation covenant agreements on title. 

These agreements with landholders protect plants and wildlife on private land permanently - even after the land changes hands. Putting a protective covenant on a property is one of the most important things landholders can do to help prevent species extinction, ensuring they are around for future generations. It is a selfless act and we’re proud to work with so many Victorians who value conservation. Secondly the total area of land permanently protected by Trust for Nature through private landholders and our own reserves has surpassed 100,000 hectares, a milestone 46 years in the making. 

A key goal in our strategic plan is to add a further 50,000 hectares to Victoria’s protected network between now and 2021.