Covenanting Stewardship program

Some of the most vital habitat for our estate's threatened species is disappearing


Protecting nature through covenants and land management

A conservation covenant is a voluntary, legal agreement made between a private landholder and Trust for Nature that protects the land in forever.  The covenant is the first step in a long-term program of supporting the landowners’ efforts to manage the land while protecting significant threatened species. The Stewardship Program is a commitment by the Trust to achieve this.

The Stewardship Program

Aims to work collaboratively with landholders to maintain and/or enhance conservation values on their property through prevention and control of  threats to the biodiversity of a site.

See below how to protect land forever.

Have you ever wondered if land can be protected forever?

Yes, it can be.

There is no greater gesture an individual can make to the conservation of Victoria’s biodiversity than placing a covenant on a property to protect habitat forever.

A conservation covenant permanently protects the land from vegetation clearing or other threatening activities – even after the property changes hands. 

Once a covenant is registered, Trust for Nature’s land management stewardship program helps landholders live in harmony with their native habitat and protect key ecological assets.

Trust for Nature does not charge landholders a fee for covenanting because it believes that conservation should be its first priority; however each covenant, including land management, can cost upwards of $29,000.

With over 1,385 covenants protecting more than 63,000 hectares, and a goal to protect a further 50,000 hectares, Trust for Nature is seeking support to strengthen and deliver its land management stewardship program.

Your gift could help us to

Your gift could help us to

  • Find more landholders who own precious areas of habitat and talk to them about protecting that land forever.
  • Protect an additional 2000 hectares of priority habitat on private land across the State with willing landowners, including Mallee-heath habitat in the Wimmera, nationally endangered grassy woodlands in central Victoria, and cool temperate rainforests in Gippsland.
  • Improve and connect habitat between covenanted land and our own reserves by planting seedlings, doing weed and pest control, and other improvements.

You can also feel tremendous satisfaction from knowing that a bird or plant that you may never actually encounter is alive and safe forever as a result of your action.

Thank you so much for your continued generosity.