Conservation Bulletin 70

Published July 2019


We’ve reached a milestone—70 issues of the Conservation Bulletin. Welcome! The Bulletin might have changed a lot since its first issue decades ago but what is consistent is its documentation of the significant growth and interest in private land conservation in Victoria over the decades. For example we are in this issue pleased to showcase properties that have been generously protected by landholders with a conservation covenant on page 20.

We are also pleased to feature Isaac Sainty on the cover, planting seedlings on land protected with a conservation covenant on his traditional Country on the Mornington Peninsula. This issue also shares our work about detecting Squirrel Gliders, the daisies returning to Neds, conservation on steep slopes and we introduce you to a Gippsland covenantor, plus much more.

We encourage you to let other people know about the Conservation Bulletin so they can learn more about the interest in private land conservation in Victoria. 

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About our conservation bulletin

Trust for Nature's Conservation Bulletin magazine is published twice per year, with stories and news from the field of private land conservation.

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