Conservation Bulletin 69

Published February 2019


Inside the 69th issue you will meet one of our largest covenantors who has established about 40 covenants on properties and wants to buy thousands more hectares for conservation. Deer have been a significant issue for many landowners across Victoria and in this issue we talk about how a couple in East Gippsland has successfully protected rare Yellow-wood on their property and what deer management options you have. 

Trust for Nature has celebrated wins in orchid conservation after helping to create the world’s first self-sustaining population of an endangered orchid species through a reintroduction program and be inspired by a story about a young family whose efforts have seen an amazing transformation take place on their property—which is home to significant ephemeral pools, aquatic plants, and cultural heritage.

Plus lots of news and land management tips inside.

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About our conservation bulletin

Trust for Nature's Conservation Bulletin magazine is published twice per year, with stories and news from the field of private land conservation.

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