Conservation Bulletin 66

Published June 2017


Conservation Bulletin 66

It's out now, the latest Conservation Bulletin and it's jam packed full of stories from our landowners and news from Trust for Nature. Hear from Cath & Richard Watter who share their story of working with the unpredictability of nature on their 28 hectare protected block in the Warby Ranges, and the transformation that has happened under their care. And see the effects that different management techniques and a long-term commitment makes in Tony and Angela Peck’s story that has lasted 20 years. Doug Pocock talks about what's involved in looking after habitat for the threatened Malleefowl and the works he has carried out over his three protected properties.

We are also proud to announce an amazing achievement of 520 hectares of newly protected private land across the state. As Victoria has the largest amount of cleared natural vegetation of any other state in Australia, this is a wonderful result to celebrate; and it is thanks to like-minded people like you.

We’re also keen to share with you the story of the Bank Australia Conservation Reserve – a 974 hectare covenanted property in western Victoria, which is owned by the Bank and its customers and co-managed by Greening Australia and ourselves. By working together with others, we recognise that more can be achieved.

About our Conservation Bulletin

Trust for Nature's Conservation Bulletin magazine is published twice per year, with stories and news from the field of private land conservation.

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