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Sunraysia Highway, Carapooee West

Sunraysia Highway, Carapooee West VIC 3477


Sunraysia Highway, Carapooee West VIC 3477

Region: North Central

Size: 61.8 hectares

Conservation covenant: Yes


Brian Dixon, Ruralco Property, Grampians region
(03) 5381 0022
0408 987 678


This Trust for Nature covenanted property sits in close proximity to the Kara Kara National Park. It protects a large remnant of Grassy Woodland/Heathy Woodland mosaic some Grassy Woodland/ Alluvial Terraces Herb-rich Woodland and a small section of Box Ironbark Forest.  Grassy Woodland and Alluvial Terraces Herb-rich both belong to the nationally endangered Grey Box Grassy Woodlands and derived Native Grasslands of South Eastern Australia Ecological Community. Despite much of the canopy being historically lost, the ground layer remains diverse with a good representation of native perennial species, including the FFG listed Small Milkwort Comesperma polygaloides. A good shrub layer has also regenerated back across the property and Eucalypts have been sparsely direct seeded throughout this.

The property contains a 7.72 ha Domestic Area and 2 dams.


Approximately 15 km south of St Arnaud, along the Sunraysia Hwy.

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