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Bushland, Macedon Shire

193 Pattersons Rd, Springfield (via Romsey.)


Address: 193 Pattersons Rd, Springfield (via Romsey) VIC 3434

Size: 41.89 ha



Glenn Cottier 

0438 442 83


The 35ha woodland flows from the NE face of a prominent 'sugarloaf' shaped volcanic eruption point.  It houses species of regional significance and high conservation value.  The terrain is very varied and this is reflected in the species here. There is a dam and permanent spring. The ecological vegetation classes include Grassy Forest, Grassy Woodland and Herb-rich Foothill Forest.  Tree species include messmate, peppermint, manna gums and blackwood.  Significant hollows abound.

Mid-low storey includes Peach Heath, Ploughshare Wattle, Bursaria, Cassinia and the beautiful large-leaf bush pea. Grasses and sedges include Cumbungi, Pithy Sword-sedge, poa, spear, kangaroo and wallaby grasses. Spring flowers include Nodding Greenhoods, Tiger Orchids, Chocolate Lilies and Milkmaids.  Fungi displays in the wet years are incredible.

Fauna species include Brush-tailed Phascogales, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, wallabies, echidnas, wombats, possums, frogs, reptiles, and over 100 bird species. A Trust for Naturemanagement report comes with the property.


There is a flat and accessible uncovenanted 6 ha at the front of the property with 'right to build'. Some ideas we have had are bed and breakfast, wildlife shelter, organic garlic farm, wellness retreat, art studio or just an eco home which takes in the sweeping views!

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