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'Possum Gully'

708 Possum Gully Road, Adelaide Lead, VIC 3465


'Possum Gully'


Address: 708 Possum Gully Road, Adelaide Lead VIC 3465

Region: North Central

Size: 7 hectares (approx.)

Price: $95,000 negotiable

Contact: Trust for Nature (03) 8631 5888


This is a Trust for Nature Revolving Fund property

Your simple bush retreat!

Your simple bush retreat!

Escape the madness and retreat to this beautiful 7 ha property, just south of Maryborough. 

Settle yourself in amongst the gums and see how many threatened woodland birds you can spot.

With great access, an existing camp, and a location just under 1.5 hour’s drive from Melbourne, this is your chance to land your simple bush retreat. 

What else could you possibly need? 



Native fauna species present: The property has excellent habitat for many species, including Swift Parrots, Diamond Firetails and Painted Honeyeaters. There are also several existing nestboxes provided for Brush-tailed Phascogales.

Native flora species present: A variety of trees cover the property, including Grey Box and Yellow Gum. Shrubs found include wattles and cassinia. 

Significant ecological features on or around this property: Possum Gully is located within Trust for Nature's Victorian Midlands Focal Landscape - a priority area for private land conservation. Possum Gully contains a threatened ecological community (Grassy Woodland) and lies in between Paddys Ranges State Park and Bung Bong Nature Conservation Reserve.



House site and improvements: Possum Gully has an existing cabin with camp kitchen and a number of associated outbuildings. Boundary fencing, driveway, entrance and internal track are in good condition. There is one dam in the southern corner of the property.

Access: There is a locked entrance gate and good, existing access via Possum Gully Road. 

Local area: The property is located in a rural lifestyle area amongst similar sized allotments. Possum Gully is relatively secluded with basic but well-established weekender facilities. Nearby natural attractions include Paddys Ranges State Park and Bung Bong Conservation Reserve.

Conservation covenant: As a condition of sale a Trust for Nature Conservation Covenant will be placed on the property title to protect the ecological values of Possum Gully. Typically an allowance for a dwelling, in an appropriate area, is made within the covenant for all Revolving Fund properties.


From Maryborough, take the B180 west for 3.9km, and then turn left onto Old Avoca Rd. After 2.4km, turn left onto Possum Gully Rd, and follow this for 4.8km. The property will be on the right.

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