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Nine Creeks

Lot 63A and 72A Bushby Lane, Dimboola, Vic 3414


Address: Lot 63A and 72A Bushby Lane, Dimboola VIC 3414

Size: 13.4ha (6.6ha under convenant)

Under $400k


Daniel Hoban



A 13-hectare property consisting of approx. 7 hectares of vulnerable Murray Mallee Bio-region protected by covenant.

The property is floodplain adjoining the Wimmera river system. Swampy woodland-riverine complex. Mostly river red-gum trees with some Buloke (FFG listed species), along a chain of ephemeral waterholes, linking to the main Wimmera river corridor. 

The covenanted property adjoins another Trust for Nature covenant on a neighbouring property high value habitat for many birds, waterfowl, animals and tree goannas. A beautiful place to camp/walk and enjoy nature.

This property was owned by a local artist who was inspired to create many artworks here, reluctant sale by her family.


3.5 km from town of Dimboola along Horseshoe Bend Road, 3.3ks from Snape Reserve and 3.6kms from Little Desert National Park.

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