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Mansfield Road, Benalla

Mansfield Road, Benalla VIC 3672


Mansfield Road, Benalla VIC 3672

Region: Goulburn Broken

Size: 41 hectares

Conservation covenant: Yes


Mandy Reed  Principal  |  Benalla

0417 370 851   

(03) 5762 2210


This 41ha property adjoining the Reef Hills State Park consists of Red Gum White Box and Grey  Box Grassy Woodland vegetation, featuring scattered mature trees.  A variety of acacia and orchids are also present. It has a picturesque seasonal creek, with spring-fed waterholes.  The property is frequented by woodland birds, goannas, kangaroos, wallabies and gliders.

No house or shed is present, however the property has numerous suitable house sites.  Five paddocks, good fencing throughout, dams, fenced creek line.  Two covenanted sites.


The property is located 10km south of Benalla, on the western side (right hand side when coming from Benalla) of the Mansfield Road/Midland Highway. The property is also accessible from Bains Lane, which runs parallel to the Midland Highway, at the rear of the property. Bains Lane is also accessible from the Reef Hills State Park.

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