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Lot 3, Sheedys Lane, Derrinal

Lot 3, Sheedys Lane, Derrinal VIC 3523


Lot 3, Sheedys Lane, Derrinal VIC 3523

Region: North Central

Size: 43.69 hectares (12.23 ha covenanted)

Under $400k


Christine Riddall

(03) 5425 5415 evenings


The land is situated at the edge of the basalt plains- what was mainly grassy woodlands with good views of Mt Alexander. It consists of native grasses, mainly wallaby grass and spear grasses and is surrounded by shelterbelts of native trees, mainly boxes and acacias with some clumps of mature trees dispersed through the block. There is an abundance of birds and wildlife present.

Large dam, good fencing. ECC available.

Excellent home site. Suitable for native seed production, grazing or lifestyle.


Lake Eppalock 10 minutes down the road, Heathcote 15 km, 1.5 hrs from Melbourne. Two gates access the property from Sheedys Lane.

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