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Granite Road Anakie

1035 – 1075 Granite Road Anakie, Victoria


Address: 1035 – 1075 Granite Road Anakie, Victoria

Size: 16.1ha (1.63ha covenanted)

Under $400k


Josie Canova

0412 136 130


This amazing piece of land provides linkages to the Brisbane Ranges National Park, offering stunning views of the ranges and Rowsley Fault Scarp. Giant Granite Boulders form a part of the landscape throughout the property, and this mixture of rocky outcrop along with the Eucalypt woodland provides a unique opportunity for the viewer to be immersed in a volcanic landscape, which is rare in the Victorian context.

This remarkable property will make a significant contribution to the conservation of these threatened vegetation communities as well as providing extended habitat to the many fauna species occupying the nearby National Park.

Flora and Fauna

There are hundreds of native plant species on the land, many of them rare, including the Golden Grevillea and the Velvet Daisy-Bush. The property is dominated by an overstorey Eucalyptus Gums, and ground cover is variable with peas, orchids, native grasses and ferns. Land also provides a wildlife corridor for animals including Koalas, Eastern Grey kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, possums, and many bird species.

A container site office and separate portable toilet is currently situated on the land, perfect for weekends away or day visits. Several cleared pre existing rubbish sections have been sighted as areas for a potential dwelling, on advice from local council.

Breathtaking views can be seen from the property including, Brisbane Ranges National Park, Rowsley Fault Scarp.

Local attractions include Brisbane Ranges National Park, You Yangs Regional Park, Anakie Gorge, Ted Erray Nature Circuit, Wadawurrung Walk, Burchill Trail, Narada Homestead, Steiglitz, Fairy Park and local wineries.


Anakie is approximately one hour’s drive west of Melbourne. 30 minutes drive from Geelong, Bacchus Marsh and Werribee, and a 20 minute drive to Lara train station (V-Line).

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