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Carwarp Road, Meringur

Crown allotment 68, Carwarp Road, Meringur


Address: Crown allotment 68, Carwarp Road, Meringur

Size: 78ha


Robert Matthews

0427 257 552


No dwellings, structures or dams on the covenant. The covenant is fully fenced and fencing is in good condition. The covenant is one section of the wider parcel and the boundary of the wider parcel has not been finalised. It is possible to build and have water connected outside of the covenant boundary (STCA).

Covenant and conservation features

This property contains high-quality vegetation, with a diverse range of plants, including large old Mallee eucalypts with hollows of various sizes. With stock excluded, natural regeneration is occurring, and fallen timber has been left on the ground, resulting in high quality habitat.

Threatened species such as Regent Parrot and Carpet Python are in the surrounding landscape. On the covenant the wide range of native animals includes Sand Goanna, Echidna, Chestnut-crowned Babblers, Mallee Ringnecks and Singing Honeyeaters. Threatened plant species present on the covenant include Umbrella Wattle, Wait-a-while and Round Templetonia. The Ecological Vegetation Classes (Woorinen Mallee, Woorinen Sands Mallee and Semi-arid Woodland) feature Slender Cypress-pine, Mallee eucalypts, wattles, saltbushes, shrubs, native grasses and wildflowers such as Poached-eggs Daisy.

This property is in the Millewa area of the Mallee region and contributes to connectivity between Murray Sunset National Park (5km south) and Trust for Nature’s Neds Corner Station (25km north). 


Approx 10km south of Meringur, on Carwarp Road.

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