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'Cockatoo Sanctuary'

Ray Caldows Road, Karnak VIC 3401


'Cockatoo Sanctuary'


Address: Ray Caldows Road, Karnak VIC 3401

Region: Wimmera

Size: 209.2 hectares

Price: $140,000


Adam Blake
Trust for Nature
0429 431 099

This is a Trust for Nature Revolving Fund property

Help secure the future of the Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo

Help secure the future of the Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo

This large, diverse and peaceful 209.2 hectare bush block is surrounded by Kalingur State Forest on three sides and provides habitat for the nationally threatened Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo. Access by 4WD will take you away from the rush and bustle, to a special place where you can dedicate your time to exploring the wonderful native plants and wildlife on the property. It has a wide variety of vegetation types ranging from high sandy rises with old Stringybark trees; woodlands of Yellow Gum, Buloke and statuesque native pines; to freshwater meadows, spectacular when covered with breathtaking displays of wildflowers. There are small relatively open areas which lend themselves to a possible future dwelling or weekender. Take on the adventure of conserving important biodiversity while enjoying the peace and serenity.



Native fauna species present: Temperate woodland birds, Growling Grass-frog, Lace Monitor, and Hooded Robin. The nationally endangered Red-tailed Black Cockatoo is known to use the property for food and nesting.  

Native flora species present: National and State listed threatened ecological communities including wetland formations, Buloke Woodlands and Grey Box Grassy Woodlands. A rare species, the Flat Grass-tree (Xanthorrhoea ceaspitosa), has been identified on the property. And a number of wildflowers.

This area has a number of different vegetation types namely:

  • Grassy woodlands of Yellow Gum, Grey Box, Buloke (Plains Woodland and Shallow Sands Woodland EVC)
  • Freshwater (Freshwater Meadows EVC), and  
  • Heathy ecosystems characterised by Stringybark and Slender Cypress-pine (Heathy Woodland EVC).  

Natural features nearby: Kalingur State Forest connects with the property on three sides. Nearby is the Little Desert National Park and Mount Arapiles-Tooan State Park. 



Boundary fences are intact with at the least two semi-permanent dam. Internal 4WD tracks are in sound condition and a 4 hectare domestic house site has been allocated.

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Situated in the western Wimmera region, just a short 72km drive west to regional city of Horsham (population 14,000) and 15km south of the town of Goroke. Edenhope nearby, lies on the shores of Lake Wallace 29km to the SW and is home to abundant waterbirds. Other attractions are the historic town of Natimuk and the Little Desert National Park.

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