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Burrabungle at Mount Korong: a shared property

459 Wedderburn-Serpentine Road, VIC 3518


Address: 459 Wedderburn-Serpentine Road, VIC 3518

Size: 141ha (131ha covenanted with a domestic area of 0.42ha)

Under $400k


Jeanne Daly



This property is owned by the Burrabungle Conservation Trust with 12 shares each worth $50,000. At present there are 3 shareholders owning 4 shares each. One shareholder is selling her shares – see

The shared house is a 5 bedroom weatherboard with wide verandas. The shares for sale comes with the use of a good-sized bedroom with generous built-in robes. It faces East and you can see the sunrise through the windows. The shared kitchen and lounge area are well-equipped. The property is off-grid with good 3.2kwh stand-alone solar power system and tank water.

Covenant and conservation features 

Set in the northern reaches of the box Ironbark region of Victoria, Burrabungle is covenanted to protect its biodiversity including several rare woodland communities, including bird life, wildlife and rare plants in rock-wells and spring soaks. The Covenant Management Plan identifies 3 different Woodland sections and specifies maintaining and increasing native canopy and under-story while controlling weed and feral pest invasion. The owners’ commitment is to sustain and nurture this precious environment. See for more details.


On the A79 from Bendigo to Wedderburn, about 19 km after Inglewood turn right onto the Wedderburn-Serpentine Road, also signposted Mt Korong. Almost 5 km along the road at the foot of Mt Korong, where the bush starts, there is a gate, marked Burrabungale and Private Property, No 459.

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