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4-bedroom house with native nursery

133 Hawkins Rd, Longford, Victoria, 3851


Address: 133 Hawkins Rd, Longford, Victoria, 3851 

Size: 20 (17.3ha Tier 1 protected land with a 3.09ha domestic area)

Over $400k


Simon and Hayley Kennedy

M: 0422 139 224

(03) 5146 4252


Primarily Heathy Woodland with old growth Banksia woodland, with patches of Damp Sand Herb Rich Woodland, 17 different types of terrestrial orchid, with variety of native animals and a huge range of native bird species. The whole property is under covenant protection with 17ha being Tier 1 Protected Land AND A 3.09ha domestic area.

Lovely 4 bedroom house with study, two bathrooms and open plan kitchen dining area. The house features a 2.18kW solar system as well as solar hot water; much of the house has double-glazed windows and doors that open onto a large north facing deck. Fully fenced area around the house. 


Situated 20km south of the main town of Sale, taking 15 minutes to travel by car. 10 minutes to the beautiful 90 mile beach and the town of Seaspray.

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