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Gippsland lakes views and access

191 Springberg Lane, Perry Bridge VIC 3862


Address: Perry Bridge VIC 3862

Size: 88ha

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Excellent house sites with panoramic views of the Gippsland Lakes, Perry and Avon River frontages. Boat access to Gippsland Lakes. 

Covenant and conservation features

The covenant encompasses a spectacular 84.5 hectare wetland. It consists of three significant vegetation communities (Swamp Scrub, Brackish Wetland & Brackish Grassland) and conserves threatened remnant vegetation along the Perry and Avon Rivers. The wetland is surrounded on three sides to the east, south and west by Ramsar listed sites. The area is a refuge for waterbirds and provides habitat for an abundance of bird species. It has plentiful copses of Swamp Paperbark that provide habitat for bird rookeries. The covenant also supports a diverse range of invertebrates and reptiles with potential habitat for threatened Growling Grass Frogs, Green and Golden Bell Frogs and White-bellied Sea-Eagles.


Less than 3 hours drive from Melbourne, 15 minutes from Sale and 20 minutes from Bairnsdale.

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