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If you’re searching for the perfect property with special environmental values, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at these great places for sale.

These properties have conservation covenant on all or part of them. The seller can tell you how much is protected. Conservation covenants are tied to property titles. This means their precious habitat will be protected forever and they are often home to some pretty special plants and animals: they’re like living on your very own nature reserve.

This page also lists properties that are part of Trust for Nature’s Revolving Fund program. When you buy one of these amazing places, we can purchase more land for conservation to on-sell, creating a continuous conservation investment cycle AND creating more forever homes for Victoria’s precious native plants and animals. To be alerted to new Revolving Fund properties on the market subscribe to our monthly newsletter by emailing

If you have a property that has a conservation covenant on it and would like it on our website send in your details.

We are changing the way we list properties. As of May 2020, these listings (with the exception of Revolving Fund properties) will only provide location, size and contact details.   

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