Mallee - Neds Corner could fight species extinction

Trust for Nature’s flagship reserve, Neds Corner Station in north-west Victoria, continues to go from strength to strength thanks to the support of government, corporate and private philanthropic partners.

Once a part of the formidable Kidman Pastoral Company empire, Neds is now home to almost 1,000 species of plants, animals, insects and fungi.  As a result, the sprawling 30,000 hectare reserve is fast becoming an exciting example of environmental rehabilitation best practice and a great source of pride for Trust for Nature staff and supporters.

Since Trust for Nature’s purchase of Neds in 2002, there has been remarkable recovery in native vegetation, reduction in plant and animal pests and a discovery by a Bush Blitz program of 21 species and organisms previously unknown to science. A major achievement has been the restoration of a 500 hectare sand-hill from an eroded, weed-infested site to a flourishing, diverse habitat, and helping protect significant cultural heritage sites.  Thanks to funding from the Yulgilbar Foundation,  predator-proof fencing has been upgraded and completed around this 500 hectare site.

This ex-closure, referred to as Pine Paddock, is the equivalent of 285 MCG’s and is flanked by a two metre  high predator proof fence.  As a result of ongoing control efforts and the installation of this physical barrier, Pine Paddock is now close to being a predator free zone.

With threats to native wildlife from feral predators now minimised within this exclosure, there is scope to consider re-establishing some of the mammals and birds which once lived on Neds.  

Beyond Pine Paddock, the goal over the next few years is to consolidate the remnant patches of habitat that are being rehabilitated across Neds Corner into extensive, healthy and diverse ecosystems.

The Trust’s past efforts have resulted in significant increases in the recovery and/or colonisation of the property by many species of threatened animals and plants.  With philanthropic support we can continue to build on the gains that have been made.
We know that it is feasible to restore this landscape at a scale which is meaningful to the future of its inhabitants and conservation in general.

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