Glenelg Hopkins - Looking after threatened coastal habitat

Three more properties have been protected forever with a Trust for Nature conservation covenant in an area that’s under increasing development and urbanisation in south west Victoria.

Increased pressures such as agricultural development and subdivision on areas along the south west coast are making natural habitat highly susceptible to degradation and fragmentation.

Trust for Nature worked with the Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority on a National Landcare project called Coastal Connections to look after the nationally vulnerable Swamp Greenhood, the endangered Swamp Scrub habitat within the Warrnambool Plain region, coastal bushland adjacent with the Discovery Bay Coastal Park, and estuarine habitat at the mouth of the Fitzroy River.

The covenanted properties cover 142 hectares, two of them are west of Portland and are adjacent to protected areas, linking critical habitat.
The project addressed large areas of land identified as priority areas by Trust for Nature’s Statewide Conservation Plan. The Plan outlines the approach we take to conservation across Victoria to ensure our efforts are strategic and have maximum benefit.

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