Coastal Connections

Protection and connectivity for vulnerable coastal habitat


Trust for Nature is supporting this National Landcare Programme project which is strategically important for coastal conservation in Victoria.

Our coastal landscapes are facing a variety of issues. Habitat is under pressure from subdivision, hobby farming, urban development and subsequent altered hydrology, and high land values make traditional approaches to land protection difficult and expensive. Fortunately most of the coast is public land and mostly protected, however any private land adjacent to the coast is a prime target for urban/resort development.

This project supports protection and connectivity for vulnerable coastal ecosystems and habitat, aligning with the following objectives of Trust for Nature’s Statewide Conservation Plan:

  • Improve the viability of ecosystems and species at a landscape scale
  • Improve protection of the least protected ecosystems and threatened communities
  • Improve protection of significant aquatic and coastal ecosystems
  • Enhance and protect landscape connectivity
  • Enhance and protect habitat quality

So far, one conservation covenant and related management plan has been agreed covering an area of 82 hectares. Another covenant is in development, covering an area of 135 hectares. These are both large areas in the context of the private land along Victoria’s west coast.

“Coastal and estuarine habitats are dominated by a variety of ecosystems, and support numerous threatened species.”

Protecting and improving coastal and estuarine vegetation enables these threatened species to extend their range and improve their chance of recovery. Coastal Tender provides landholders with an opportunity to help protect our coastal environments, whilst ensuring some income is still made off these areas. Trust for Nature is working with landholders to establish conservation covenants for permanent protection and supporting them with relevant conservation management plans.


Supporting landowners

Landholders involved in the Coastal Connections project are able to apply for funding through the Glenelg Hopkins Coastal Tender, led by the local Catchment Management Authority and funded by the Australian Government. Coastal Tender supports landholders to improve the quality of native vegetation. All participants receive a management plan to protect coastal vegetation on their property. Successful applicants receive five yearly incentive payments to help cover costs for management actions such as fencing, controlled grazing, alternative stock watering, supplementary planting with indigenous species and pest plant and animal control. 


Glenelg Hopkins

Geographic area of project:
South Western Victorian coastline from Peterborough to the South Australian border

Trust for Nature project contact:
Adam Merrick
Conservation Officer, Glenelg Hopkins
0458 965 333

Project partners:

  • Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority
  • Federal Government

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