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Bank Australia Conservation Reserve

In 2016, Bank Australia formed a partnership with Trust for Nature and Greening Australia create the Bank Australia Conservation Reserve

Bank Australia’s customers are part-owners of this 954 hectare conservation reserve in the Wimmera region; a group of three properties on biodiverse Australian bushland which is protected by a Trust for Nature conservation covenant. 

Bank Australia has responded to its customers’ priorities and concerns, investing in the purchase and maintenance of the conservation property on behalf of its customers to make a permanent, positive impact on our environment. The Bank’s aim for their reserve is to revive habitat for the endangered animals and resident birds, reptiles and frogs who make their homes among the property’s plants, tree hollows and log piles. They also welcome the important role it plays in the community, encouraging conservationists, ecologists, community groups and schools to regularly join on-ground and strategic planning activities. 

Trust for Nature has played an integral role in best conservation practice on the reserve, as well as providing input into the planning process for the reserve built around the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation.  These standards are an internationally recognised framework for natural resource management planning.

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