Rescuing 250 tonnes of logs to build homes for threatened species

Trust for Nature is preparing to send 10 semi-trailer loads of logs 500 kms to Victoria’s largest conservation reserve for native animals.


Rescuing 250 tonnes of logs to build homes for threatened species

Neds Corner Station was once part of the Kidman empire and is home to native plants and wildlife often not seen in other parts of the state. 

The 30,000 hectare property west of Mildura has undergone a dramatic transformation since it was purchased by Trust for Nature in 2002; however in days gone by when the land was used for livestock grazing trees were removed and it no longer has the trees and logs animals need. 

Trust for Nature’s North West Area Manager, Deanna Marshall, said the logs are essential habitat for the survival of many species such as insects, lizards, mammals and birds.

“Threatened animals such as the Fat-tailed Dunnart, Giles Planigale, Brown Treecreeper and Carpet Python rely on logs and fallen trees to hide and live in.

“Neds Corner is the biggest conservation restoration project on private land in Victoria. Historically we’ve lost so much timber from the property due to past management practices. In the future these logs would be great habitat for animals that might want to return to Neds, but right now we have a real need to provide shelter and different structures for the animals that are there now.” Deanna said.

“Logs create microenvironments to encourage fungi to grow and they provide somewhere for invertebrates to live which feed many species of animals, including some of the wonderful birds, that live on Neds.”

Trust for Nature is launching its first crowd funding campaign, Haul for Habitat, to help fund the transport of the logs, which will cost up to $30,000.

The campaign will receive dollar-for-dollar matching support from the Victorian Government.

The logs have been salvaged from a major roads infrastructure project near Bendigo and would potentially be burned or mulched if they weren’t transported to Neds.

They will be strategically placed in a predator free exclosure that has been built on the property.   

Haul for Habitat runs from 20 August to 20 September. The full campaign, including video, can be viewed here:

Trust for Nature is one of the Australia’s oldest conservation organisations. It was set up in 1972 to enable nature conservation on private land. 

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Banner photo: 'Gateposts', Neds Corner by Mark Schapper
Photo inset: Giles Planigale by Clive Crouch