Local farmers restore iconic Red Gums

May 2018


Local farmers restore iconic Red Gums

Gippsland’s nationally endangered Red Gum woodlands are being restored by farmers on the Gippsland Plains.

The woodlands have been in critical decline, covering a fraction of the area they used to.  

Trust for Nature has been working with local farmers to undertake weed control, restore ground cover and carry out ecological grazing and burning trials.

Trust for Nature initially began working with landholders to secure threatened plant communities on the Gippsland Plains by establishing conservation covenants. Covenants are legally binding agreements that protect the land forever, even if it changes hands.  

With over 3,000 hectares now protected by covenants on the Gippsland Plains, the next step was to start the restoration process to improve the health of the land.  

Trust for Nature’s Area Manager for East Gippsland Robyn Edwards said it’s been exciting to work with landholders to look after the area’s beautiful Red Gums.

“Restoring the health of our woodlands and reducing dieback in Red Gums improves landscape and tourism values of the Plains.

“Large old Red Gums are a majestic site across the landscape and are valued by the community and visitors to our region.”

Meerlieu sheep producer Shaun Beasley, has a covenant on his property and values the woodlands and property’s shelterbelts for the shade and shelter they provide.

He said, “Protecting and establishing native vegetation is an important part of my farm management. The gains are great, sheep production has increased and lambing losses have definitely reduced.”

The Victorian Government is supporting the work to restore Red Gum woodlands.

Trust for Nature is keen to hear from other landholders who would like to protect bush, wetlands, woodlands or Red Gums. There may be support for fencing, weed control and covenants.

For more information contact Robyn Edwards at Trust for Nature, East Gippsland, or 0418 561 646.

Kathy Cogo
Communications and Media Manager
Trust for Nature
0466 015 183