Neds Corner Station


When Trust for Nature bought Neds Corner in 2002 it had been an agricultural property for more than 100 years and all of its natural ecosystems had been extensively cleared or degraded by stock grazing, cropping, irrigation and rabbits. Larger environmental issues such as water extraction from the Murray River, extensive native vegetation removal across the Mallee region and increased soil salinity were also having significant impacts on the health of the land and its wildlife.


The effort to turn around the ecological health of Neds Corner has been enormous and has included:

  • 20,000 rabbit warrens treated
  • 1,000 km of rabbit bait-lines undertaken
  • Monthly fox control over 30,000 hectares
  • Removal of cropping from 1,200 hectares and subsequent restoration
  • Planting of >20,000 trees and shrubs
  • Direct seeding of trees and shrubs along >400 kilometres
  • Establishment of a 500 hectare herbivore and predator exclosure
  • Regular environmental watering program established across more than 500 hectares of wetland

Restoration efforts have helped stabilise soils, encouraged reestablishment of other flora and has provided habitat for birds, reptiles and a range of small mammals.

People are also benefiting from the rejuvenated property.  Neds Corner is frequently visited by nature lovers, educational groups such as schools and universities, corporate and philanthropic supporters, volunteers, work-based welfare participants, and members of like-minded environmental organisations looking to share knowledge and further conservation science.  

Trust for Nature’s management of Neds Corner is also enabling research of the landscape through archeological digs and engagement with Traditional Owners, bringing to life the vast history of this beautiful land.

Thanks to partner funds, Neds Corner is an attraction for nearby farmers and researchers from institutions and special interest groups.

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