Neds Corner Station

Fighting extinction

When Trust for Nature bought Neds Corner in 2002 it had been an agricultural property for more than 100 years and all of its natural ecosystems had been extensively cleared or degraded by stock grazing, cropping, irrigation and rabbits. Larger environmental issues such as water extraction from the Murray River, extensive native vegetation removal across the Mallee region and increased soil salinity were also having significant impacts on the health of the land and its wildlife.


Perhaps one of the most exciting developments since Trust for Nature’s purchase of Neds Corner is that after many years of ongoing predator control efforts, the establishment of a 500 hectare predator free exclosure will enable the Trust to explore the potential to reintroduce regionally extinct animals to the property.

The exclosure, together with the proposed establishment of woodland cover across 10,000 hectares, will result in a thriving example of conservation best practice and what can be achieved through partnership.

Recovery of riverine woodlands and Mallee/semi-arid woodlands will be extremely important to secure the future of threatened species like the Regent Parrot and other precious wildlife.

Continued focus on predator and weed control and encouraging habitat growth will go a long way towards reviving the property’s ecosystem.

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