Neds Corner

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Major threats

When Trust for Nature bought Neds Corner in 2002 it had been an agricultural property for more than 100 years and all of its natural ecosystems had been extensively cleared or degraded by stock grazing, cropping, irrigation and rabbits.  Larger environmental issues such as water extraction from the Murray River, extensive native vegetation removal across the Mallee region and increased soil salinity were also having significant impacts on the health of the land and its wildlife.

Photo courtesy Mark Schapper



After considerable efforts to control pests and revegetate, native plants and animals are returning in abundance.

Over 22,000 rabbit warrens have been treated since 2002 and over 600 kilometres of bait trails have been laid to help control rabbits. Foxes haven't been recorded or observed in one of the large enclosures after extensive pest animal control across 2,000 hectares of the property.

Five hundred hectares have also been direct seeded with much more planting to come.

People are also benefiting from the property. Thanks to partner funds, Neds is an attraction for nearby farmers and researchers from institutions and special interest groups.  


Fighting extinction

Neds will be a flagship property that will inspire and reinforce the importance of conservation, not only within Victoria, but throughout the world.

With the proposed establishment of woodland cover across 10,000 hectares and the reintroduction of a number of regionally extinct mammals and birds, Neds will be a thriving example of conservation best practice and what can be achieved through partnership. 

Developing translocation plans and sourcing animals for initial release and monitoring will be a large part of Neds’ tangible work and will support the fight against extinction of species. 

There will be a continued focus on predator eradication and maintaining habitat growth through weed control and targeted preservation.

Our work continues to achieve Trust for Nature’s vision for Neds and private land across Victoria.

We’re incredibly grateful to the support from our partners, generous individuals and organisations who have helped us acquire Neds Corner Station and fund its restoration.

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