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Haul for Habitat

The Haul for Habitat campaign was Trust for Nature’s first ever crowdfunding campaign. It raised $50,000 to prevent 10 semi-trailer loads of logs, remaining after a major infrastructure project, from potentially being burned and/or mulched and re-purpose these as habitat for a number of endangered and threatened species on Neds Corner. Funds will also contribute to other property improvements.


Neds Corner’s long agricultural history resulted in broadscale clearing, leaving little habitat for animals.

Thanks to overwhelming support from the public we have funds to transport logs over 500kms to the 30,000 hectare former sheep station west of Mildura, and strategically place them in a 500ha predator free exclosure.  These logs will create habitat to enable the survival of species classified as near threatened in Victoria, such as the Fat-tailed Dunnart and Brown Treecreepers, the depleted Bearded Dragon, and endangered species such as the Carpet Python. 

In addition to basic shelter requirements, the installation of these logs will increase soil activity for insects and arachnids and in-turn provide additional food sources for other mammals, such as the near threatened Gile’s Planigale.

Neds Corner Station provides important habitat for native plants and wildlife often not seen in other parts of the State.  This new habitat will also provide the opportunity to explore the re-introduction of previously geographically extinct species. Haul for Habitat was so successful that extra funds ($20,000) will go towards other improvements on the property. 

Banner photo courtesy Mark Schapper.

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The Haul for Habitat campaign ran through the Pozible crowdfunding platform and the Victorian Government matched pledges dollar for dollar, up to $25,000

The Haul for Habitat campaign ran through the Pozible crowdfunding platform and the Victorian Government matched pledges dollar for dollar, up to $25,000

We would like to acknowledge and thank the people below for their pledge towards the Haul for Habitat campaign:

Every bit counts… A Padovan, Amanda Furlong, Amy Monagle, Andre Monaghan, Andre Monaghan, Andrew Whitford, Anna Foley, Anne Parbury, Bachir Tanios, Beau Meney, Bonnie Carter, Brendan Foster, Bush Blocks, Carlos Catano, Cas Bennetto, Catherine de Burgh-Day, Cheng Lim, Cindy Allen, Cohen Walkerden, Cullen Gunn, David Fisher, Deirdre Campbell, Donald J Astbury, Elizabeth Lloyd, Eric Lassen, Ewa Madon, Frances O'Brien, Garry and Trish Kelly, Gayle Austen, Greenhouse Electrical, Greg Barkla, James Bentley, Jenny Trethewey, Josie Ley, Julia Carmichael, Julia Pickwick, Julie Lynne Fink, Kerry Moulton, Kieran Vale, Kylee Rusna, Les Irwig, Lloyd Moulton, Louise Shepherd, Mandy Gange, Margaret Wastell, Mark, Matt Robertson, Matthew Clancy, Max Ervin, Natalie Wallis, Neil Gardiner, Nicholas O'Brien, Nick Lilley, Peter Moon, Phil Kafcaloudes, Priya Crawford-Wilson, Roslyn Gallagher, Ross Turnbull, Savannah Daoud-opit, Shirley Wilson, Stephen Thuan, Sue-Ellen Smith, Susan Ball, Yung En Chee, Yvonne Dunse

Warm and Fuzzy!: Alice Bedlington, Emma Godden, Ian Smith, Luca and Ilaria Marino, Steven Monks

Straight to the Pool Room: Amelia Easdale, Felicity Watson, Helen Tait, Jennifer Gibson, Jill Hanlon, Leanne Down, Lynne Head, Marshall family, Mike Johnston, Roslyn Hunter, Victoria Byrne

Stick it to me!: Alexandra Hill, Barbara May, Elizabeth M Peck, Emmy Frost, Jenny, Jordan Crook, Lee Touzeau, Nikki & Scott Medwell, Rian Caccianiga

Ned's Swag: Barnes Family, Gayle Portway, Julie Bennett, Ken Henderson, Louise Nicholas, Lucienne Noontil, Maddy Noble, Richard Leppitt, Shane Hogarth, Tim Jansen, Will Ford

Picture This!: Brett Whitfield, Cathy Powers, John Saunders, Peta Robinson, St Arnaud FNC, Victoria Marles

Spread your wings with the Doctor!: T-C Hall

Your Royal Habitat Highness: Rosalie and Phillip Lomas

Thank you so much for your continued generosity.

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