Bushfire Habitat Recovery Fund

Helping covenantors with protected land restore bushfire affected habitat.


Helping covenantors with protected land restore bushfire affected habitat

The current Victorian bushfires have so far impacted 46 properties protected with conservation covenants. Given the scale of the continuing fires, it is likely that many more precious covenanted properties will be affected before the end of the season.

In the coming months and years, Trust for Nature will be increasing its support to affected covenantors, and working alongside them to restore their land.

Trust for Nature is not an emergency relief organisation.  If you are interested in supporting relief efforts we encourage you to do so through the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. If you are interested in land conservation and want to support covenantors impacted by the bushfires, you can donate now to Trust for Nature.


Habitat loss and recovery

The destruction of the bushfires is heartbreaking and our thoughts are with all of those affected.

Our focus now is on those we know Trust for Nature can help: landholders who have made the decision to actively protect their land via covenanting, and worked hard to restore habitat over many years, who have now lost so much.

In this time of crisis, we have established the Trust for Nature Bushfire Habitat Recovery Fund to be used for the restoration and long-term support of fire impacted covenanted land.  

Wildlife need habitat to return to, and this fund will assist covenantors to rehabilitate their patch to create such an environment.’ Victoria Marles, CEO Trust for Nature.

Despite the magnitude of these fires, habitat can bounce back with nurturing, such as weed control, restoring fencing, installing nest boxes, and tree planting. After fires in northern Victoria in 2015, we installed about 100 nest boxes for threatened species like Squirrel Gliders and Brush-tailed Phascogales. We had gliders move into the new boxes within two weeks.

Our staff, many of whom are based in local Victorian communities suffering the effects of bushfires and know intimately the landscape, habitat, native plants and animals of their region, will be able to dedicate themselves to helping convenantors, with the support of your donations.

To support the Trust for Nature Bushfire Habitat Recovery Fund you can

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