Bush Protection Program

Help conserve Victoria's most threatened native plants and wildlife for future generations.


Why the bush needs our help...

Some of the most vital habitats for our State’s threatened species are under threat, and many of them are on private land.

With competing uses for land, the reality is we are losing woodland, grassland and wetland areas at an alarming rate. This loss of land is limiting the mobility and breeding opportunities of threatened birds and ground dwelling animals; our native grasslands are being lost; and wetlands that were once thriving ecosystems are drying out as a result of water-use and climate change; but together, we can make a difference.

Trust for Nature has a unique power in Victoria to protect nature through conservation covenants and with the support of your monthly gift, can ensure greater patches of habitat are protected for future generations.

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Protecting nature through covenants and land management

So what is a covenant and how does it work?

A conservation covenant is a voluntary, legal agreement made between a private landholder and Trust for Nature that protects the land forever. The covenant is the first step in a long-term program of supporting the owners' efforts to manage the land while protecting significant threatened species. The Stewardship Program is a commitment by Trust for Nature to achieve this and aims to work collaboratively with landholders to maintain and/or enhance conservation values on their property through prevention and control of threats to the biodiversity of a site.  

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Thank you!

Thank you!

“It was fabulous to have the possibility to protect the land in perpetuity and to know that the next person who buys it doesn’t chop down trees and kill animals. The option to put a covenant on it was so exciting for me, it was absolutely ideal and a great relief.”

Barbara Baird, Trust for Nature Covenantor & Donor, 2018

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