Trust For Nature

Land Stewardship program

Trust for Nature's Stewardship Program (a part of its post-protection services) supports the covenant program.

The covenant program establishes the covenant and the Stewardship Program provides ongoing support to the landowner to ensure the ongoing health of the ecosystems protected by the covenant.

'Over the years we have watched in delight as our conservation covenanted property has changed. Trust for Natures’ Stewardship Program has been a big part in that change', says covenantor Richard Robinson. 

Any landowner who enters into a conservation covenant will automatically enter the Stewardship Program.

How does the Stewardship Program work? 

Trust for Nature staff visit the landowner to prepare a management plan once a conservation covenant is registered on title. That plan is prepared in partnership with the landowner and in accordance with the terms of the Deed of Covenant. The management plan identifies important biodiversity values found on the property, any threats that might be affecting those values and actions to help reduce the threats and improve the ecological health of the land. Over time, this plan is reviewed by staff together with the landowner and updated as required.

Need more information?

Our staff are happy to talk to you more about the Stewardship Program, how it will help you to better manage your property and where you can get face-to-face help. You can also read more in the FAQs.

Please call us on (03) 8631 5888 or 1800 99 99 33.  

Download a brochure about the Stewardship Program here.


We value your help

Your ongoing donations help us to deliver a better Stewardship Program for all landowners in Victoria who have a conservation covenant over their land. You can join our Bush Protection Program or talk to our Development Manager about other ways to make a lasting contribution to Victoria’s native plants and wildlife: (03) 8631 5888.