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Environmental Markets

Trust for Nature's offset program offers proponents and/or developers a means of meeting their planning permit requirements, and landowners funding to support the management of their land for environmental purposes.

With the generous support of the Victorian Legal Services Board Grants Program, in 2014 Trust for Nature completed two groundbreaking reports examining environmental markets. Download them here:

What is a biodiversity offset?

Under State and Federal legislation, the unavoidable removal of native vegetation on one site may be balanced by the protection and enhancement of similar vegetation at another.  A biodiversity offset is an agreement where a landowner undertakes to protect and improve the quality of native vegetation on their land to balance the approved removal of vegetation elsewhere.

Trust for Nature connects proponents who have an offset requirement with landowners who have suitable vegetation to improve to meet this requirement. We develop an offset agreement and a covenant for the landowner that creates a legal obligation to improve native vegetation over a 10 year period and protect it forever. Under the offset agreement, the proponent provides funds to the landowner to meet this legal obligation. Trust for Nature facilitates this payment as well as the documentation required to meet the planning approval.

New native vegetation clearing regulations came into effect in Victoria in December 2013. You can learn about the regulatory changes, and how they affect current and future offset properties, in our Changes to Native Vegetation Clearing Regulations information sheet.

Trust for Nature property near Earlston in northern Victoria

Our experience

Trust for Nature has worked for 40 years to identify and protect high quality native vegetation on private land.  With experience meeting State and Federal requirements for native vegetation offsets and supporting landowners to protect the environmental values of their properties, we are able to support the offset process from initiation through to agreement. We then provide ongoing stewardship to assist in the implementation of native vegetation protection and improvement measures. To date, landowners have received funding to manage over 400 hectares of land through our Biodiversity Offset Program.

More information

For more information on the Offset Program and the process involved please refer to the proponent or landowner page of this website.

Register your interest

The biodiversity offset market is rapidly expanding and Trust for Nature seeking proponents and landowners to meet this demand. As such, both parties are encouraged to contact Trust for Nature as early as possible to be involved in this opportunity.

If you are a proponent please complete a registration of interest form with your native vegetation requirements (for permits issued prior to December 2013, use this form).

If you are a landowner please complete a registration of interest form to outline the environmental values of your property.

Please note that the forms may function differently depending on your browser. If you are unable to edit a form please email us for a copy at If you are unable to submit your form via the website, please save it and email it to, or post it to: 

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