Trust For Nature

Conservation Covenants

Trust for Nature developed its conservation covenant program so landowners could permanently protect remnant native vegetation on their own properties.

A conservation covenant is a permanent, legally-binding agreement placed on a property's title to ensure native vegetation on the property is protected forever. The agreement is voluntary and negotiated between Trust for Nature and each individual landowner.

Trust for Nature's covenanting program falls under the Victorian Conservation Trust Act 1972.

Each conservation covenant is considered by Trust for Nature's Board of Trustees before being sent to the Victorian Environment Minister for approval.

Trust for Nature registered its first conservation covenant in 1986. Trust for Nature now has more than 1,300 conservation covenants, protecting more than 59,000 hectares across Victoria.

For more information on Trust for Nature's conservation covenant program:

Read our leaflet What is a conservation covenant, and information on our Conservation Criteria which gives you some details about the land we are interested in protecting. 

download our electronic brochure, or

contact Trust for Nature on (03) 8631 5888.  

There is more information in our FAQs section on this website.

Covenants across Victoria

Trust for Nature's conservation covenants span the entire state of Victoria and are found in 26 of Victoria's 28 bioregions (Wilson Promontory is the only bioregion without covenants as it is a National Park).


Those covenants protect over 50,000 hectares of native habitats across Victoria. In addition, Trust for Nature currently owns 44 properties totalling more than 35,000 hectares. This remarkable achievement has been made possible through public support for Trust for Natures work, through philanthropic organisations, state and federal funding, and multiple partnerships with Victorian agencies and environmental organisations over the years.

To complement the covenant program, Trust for Nature runs a Stewardship Program to support and provide advice to landowners managing covenanted land.

Trust for Nature is pleased to release a state-wide point map of conservation covenants and Trust for Nature-owned properties. The aim of the map is to help development managers and contractors to identify areas that are important for conservation - that is, private properties with a conservation covenant in place.  

If you believe your project may impact upon a covenant or Trust for Nature property, we encourage you to contact Trust for Nature to discuss it further.  

Feel free to contact us if you would like a GIS layer of covenants and properties by calling us on (03) 8631 5888 and ask to speak to our GIS Officer.