Trust For Nature

What we do

Trust for Nature has developed five key mechanisms to achieve real conservation gains across our 10 regional catchment management areas in Victoria.

Conservation covenants - providing permanent protection

Trust for Nature's development of the conservation covenant Program remains as one of the most effective ways for landowners to protect native plants and wildlife on their own private land. The covenant remains attached to the title of a property, even if it is sold. 

Conservation covenants are backed by state legislation through the Victorian Conservation Trust Act 1972. We currently have more than 1,250 conservation covenants in effect, which protect 55,000 hectares of private land in Victoria.

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The stewardship support program

Trust for Nature’s stewardship program supports landowners who have a conservation covenant on their property, offering conservation and property management advice to each landowner, helping covenantors maintain and improve the health of native plants and wildlife on their property.

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Revolving Fund - a cycle of success

Trust for Nature's Revolving Fund uses the real estate market to achieve conservation outcomes. Funds provided through bequests, donations and the Australian Government are used to purchase environmentally significant land, which is on-sold with a conservation covenant attached.

All money generated through the sale of the properties is wholly returned to the Fund to replenish its reserves and enable future purchases. We have sold 52 properties through the Revolving Fund to date, protecting 6,6668 hectares of Victorian native vegetation.

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Land acquisition - buying back the bush 

To protect native plants and wildlife, we buy and maintain properties with high conservation value.This enables both the regeneration of damaged habitats and their future protection. We manage our properties using best the private land conservation practices to help regenerate native vegetation and protect threatened species. Without the support of volunteers and ‘Friends Groups’, a lot of this conservation work would not be possible. We also use some of these properties to demonstrate private land conservation practices.

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Trust for Nature arranges agreements between proponents who have a biodiversity offset requirement and landowners who want to protect the native vegetation on their properties. Through biodiversity offset agreements, a landowner receives funding from a proponent to permanently protect and improve the quality of native vegetation on their land. Trust for Nature facilitates this payment as well as the documentation required to meet the planning approval. We develop an offset agreement and a covenant for the landowner that creates a legal obligation to improve native vegetation over a 10 year period, and protect it forever.

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