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Conservation Bulletin

Trust for Nature's principal publication is the Conservation Bulletin which comes out two times per year.  In the Conservation Bulletin there are often stories from covenantors about their experiences in private land conservation, project updates from the field, conservation properties for sale and also those people who have recently gone ahead and covenanted their property and have now joined the private land conservation community.

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Annual Reports

For a hard copy of Trust for Nature's latest annual report please call 1800 99 99 33 otherwise view an online version here.

Impact Report


Thanks to your support and contributions we have been able to make great achievements in private land conservation throughout the year, summarised here in our 2015-16 Impact Report. You will read about the environmental watering of the Murray River floodplain at Neds Corner Station; works carried out by landowners to protect threatened Squirrel Gliders and Hooded Robins on their properties in the north-east of the state and the purchase of Long Swamp Wetland in central Victoria to extend an existing wetland conservation reserve, plus more. Thank you for your support. The protection of nature on private land can and will continue to grow in Victoria and beyond, thanks to you. 

Read the full Impact Report for 2015-16 here.

Other Publications

Land-based environmental markets and the law

In the last two decades, there has been increased emphasis on retaining and restoring ecosystem services on private land and creating innovative mechanisms and schemes to facilitate and achieve those outcomes. This has included mechanisms to create a market-based demand for ecosystem services on private land.

A project to examine how private landowners entering into land-based environmental market agreements are impacted upon from a legal perspective was initiated by Trust for Nature, given our ongoing interaction with private landowners wishing to use their land for environmental/conservation purposes as well as establish income streams for managing their land. The project partnership between Trust for Nature and Victoria Naturally Alliance recognises a shared interest in better understanding market-based mechanisms to promote private land conservation as well as addressing a perceived information gap in understanding the legal and financial aspects of these mechanisms from a landowner’s perspective.

The project partners are grateful to have received a grant from the Legal Services Board Grants program to undertake this work.

This report largely explains the legal landscape.

Download a copy of the report here.

Shining a light on law and markets in private land conservation

The focus of this report is qualitative research undertaken with landowners, examining the legal issues and themes identified in the first report of this project, Land-based environmental markets and the law: the evolving legal landscape underpinning ecosystem services markets in Victoria

The results of face-to-face, semi-structured interviews with 17 land managers, and consultations with some natural resource management professionals supporting landowners entering environmental market transactions, have provided a base of information, insights and experiences that has enabled this report to provide: 

  • a detailed consideration of key aspects of the legal issues involved from a practice, administration, and policy perspective;
  • a perspective on the utility of current information about the legal implications (including taxation) for a landowner in entering into a environmental market scheme; and
  • an identification of areas for possible improvements to be made to land-based environmental market operations from the perspective of a private landowner and the law.

Taking the demographics of the land managers interviewed into account, the interview results do not claim fully to represent a ‘private landowner perspective’. Rather, they provide a particular sample of the views of landowners with environmental market experience, to shine a light on how the law and emerging land-based environmental markets interact.

Download a copy of the report here.

Read the abstract from vol. 130 of the Victorian Naturalist:

Trust for Nature: working together to protect biodiversity on private land

With over two thirds of Victoria in private ownership, the value of private land conservation is pivotal to the future of the state’s biodiversity. Trust for Nature has been working for 40 years to protect conservation values on private land across Victoria. The Trust has worked with over 1000 landholders to permanently protect 52 287 ha with legally-binding conservation covenants. In the same period, Trust for Nature has strategically purchased 111 properties, currently retaining 46, representing an additional 42 842 ha of under permanent protection. The Trust has also been involved in major conservation campaigns. Through these and other measures, Trust for Nature has been actively involved in the conservation of some of Victoria’s most threatened species and communities, including within urban landscapes. (The Victorian Naturalist 130 (4) 2013, 161–165).

Full article here.


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