Trust For Nature

Strategic actions for Mornington Peninsula & Westernport threatened species and communities

Threatened species focus: Leafy Greenhood (Pterostylis cucullata subsp. cucllata), Coast Helmet-orchid (Corybas despectans), Venus Hair Fern (Adiantum capillus-veneris), Late Helmet-orchid (Corybas sp. aff. diemenicus), Coast Tobacco (Nicotiana maritima), French Island Spider-orchid (Caladenia insularis), and Swamp Everlasting (Xerochrysum palustre)
Port Phillip & Westernport regionRegion: Port Phillip & Westernport
Project date: March – June 2016
Leading organisation: Trust for Nature
Partner organisations: Parks Victoria, Australian Native Orchid Society, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, and Southern Peninsula Flora and Fauna Association

Swamp Everlasting. Photo: Russell Best / NatureShare
Swamp Everlasting. Photo: Russell Best / NatureShare

Working with our partners, this project is a collaborative approach to achieving on-ground outcomes for several threatened plant species in high priority plant communities of the Mornington Peninsula area, such as Coastal Moonah Woodland.

Activities will include population surveys, weed control, erecting herbivore exclusion zones, property fencing, seed collection, and working with private landowners on conservation management plans.

For more information on this project, contact:
Ben Cullen, Port Phillip & Westernport Regional Manager
0407 044 821 /