Trust For Nature

Recovery of threatened Goldfields Orchids

Threatened species focus: Stuart Mill Spider-orchid (Caladenia cretacea), Red Cross Spider-orchid (Caladenia cruciformis), Woodland Leek-orchid (Prasophyllum validum), Candy Spider-orchid (Caladenia versicolor), Robust Greenhood (Pterostylis valida), McIvor Spider-orchid (Caladenia audasii), and Bendigo Spider-orchid (Caladenia sp. aff. fragrantissima)
North Central regionRegion: North Central
Project date: March – June 2016
Leading organisation: Trust for Nature
Partner organisations: Amaryllis Environmental, covenanters, Bush Heritage Australia, Parks Victoria, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, Australasian Native Orchid Society, Friends of Kooyoora, Wedderburn Conservation Management Network, and North Central Catchment Management Authority

Stuart Mill Spider-orchid. Photo: Julie Radford / Amaryllis Environmental
Stuart Mill Spider-orchid. Photo: Julie Radford / Amaryllis Environmental

Seven threatened orchid species in the Goldfields Bioregion will benefit from a range of conservation activities on covenanted private land. Each of these species is listed under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 and requires immediate intervention to persist in the wild.

To remove the pressures of herbivore grazing we will be constructing herbivore exclusion zones. We will also be identifying potential reintroduction sites, and reintroducing already propagated seedlings onto covenanted and fenced private properties.

Working closely with landholders and community groups on recovery activities is an important part of the project, such as population surveys, and identifying high priority sites for future covenants and orchid conservation work.

The information gathered from this project will provide valuable data for many agencies in Australia on the populations of these threatened orchids.

For more information on this project, contact:
Deanna Marshall, Area Manager - North West
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