Trust For Nature

Protection of Victorian populations of Velvet Daisy-bush

Threatened species focus: Velvet Daisy-bush (Olearia pannosa subsp. cardiophylla)
Species conservation status: Victoria: vulnerable (FFG) / National: vulnerable (EPBC) / International: vulnerable (IUCN)
Corangamite and North Central regionsRegions: Corangamite and North Central
Project date: March – June 2016
Leading organisation: Trust for Nature
Partner organisations: Arthur Rylah Institute, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning, Parks Victoria, Friends of Brisbane Ranges, ANGAIR Inc.

Velvet Daisy-bush. Photo: Chris Clarke / NatureShare
Velvet Daisy-bush. Photo: Chris Clarke / NatureShare

The FFG listed, vulnerable Velvet Daisy-bush exists in many small populations across Victoria on both public and private land, in particular the areas of Greater Geelong, Golden Plains, Surf Coast, Greater Bendigo and Campaspe.

This project will survey all currently known populations across four broad population areas in the state. Abundance, health and current threats will be identified, and herbivore exclusion zones, rabbit and weed control will be undertaken in the most threatened populations.

Research, in partnership with the Arthur Rylah Institute, will monitor plant growth and health, and before and after analysis of caged plants.

Trust for Nature will also be working with groups such as the Friends of Brisbane Ranges to undertake survey activities. Importantly, private landholders are encouraged to permanently protect their land for conservation where populations of the Velvet Daisy-bush occur.

For more information on this project, contact:
Chris Lindorff, Corangamite Regional Manager
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