Trust For Nature

Threatened Species Projects 2016

Many threatened species of plants and animals in Victoria critically depend on private land habitat for their ongoing survival. Trust for Nature’s Statewide Conservation Plan identified, for the first time in Victoria, which threatened species occur principally on private land, and that should be a focus of our ongoing conservation efforts, including 148 threatened flora and 88 fauna species. Based on this research, Trust for Nature received funds through the Victorian Government’s Threatened Species Protection Initiative in early 2016, enabling us to assist with the survival of some of these species; here are some of our new threatened species projects as part of this Initiative.


Victorian State GovernmentTrust for Nature gratefully acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government through funding from their Threatened Species Protection Initiative program.


Find out more about our threatened species projects:

Protection of Victorian populations of Velvet Daisy-bush

Protecting the New Holland Mouse

Recovery of threatened Goldfields Orchids

Private Land Action for Threatened Species: Hooded Robins and Squirrel Gliders

Helmeted Honeyeater land purchase in Yellingbo

Strategic actions for Mornington Peninsula & Westernport threatened species and communities

Threatened invertebrates of the Western Strzeleckis: Warragul Burrowing Crayfish

Threatened invertebrates of the Western Strzeleckis: Giant Gippsland Earthworm