Trust For Nature

Conservation Objective 5

Enhance and protect landscape connectivity

  • The focal landscapes include nearly 50% of private land vegetation identified as having high landscape connectivity in Victoria
  • The focal landscapes all sit either within the two major corridors recognised by the Australian Government in 2012 in its National Wildlife Corridors Plan (Habitat 141, Great Eastern Ranges) or within other landscapes where there are benefits from increasing connectivity in accordance with the guiding principles for identifying major corridors outlined in the Corridors Plan
  • The native vegetation found on private land between constituent biodiversity priority zones (BPZs) within each focal landscape and between focal landscapes primarily consists of under-represented EVCs. Increased protection and restoration of that vegetation therefore contributes both to building the NRS and building landscape connectivity, and
  • Native vegetation found on Trust for Nature covenants and properties has higher landscape context than private-land vegetation overall.