Trust For Nature

Conservation Objective 1

Improve the viability of ecosystems and species at a landscape scale.

These focal landscapes were derived from identification of 41 biodiversity priority zones (BPZs) across Victoria.

Collectively, the 12 focal landscapes encompass:

  • Nearly two million hectares of private land with significant biodiversity values out of a total private land area in Victoria of 14 million hectares.
  • Approximately 60% of the Trust’s protected areas (including both covenants with landowners and Trust conservation properties) on private land.
  • Representation of every under-repesented IBRA bioregion and subregion in Victoria.
  • One-third of the remaining extent of under-represented ecosystems on private land.
  • Inclusion of most of Victoria’s internationally significant Ramsar wetlands.
  • Occurrences of more than 50% of the species identified in the Conservation Plan as being priorities for conservation on private land.
  • Nearly 50% of all private-land habitat that has high landscape connectivity in terms of landscape context and good habitat quality.