Trust For Nature

Statewide Conservation Plan

Trust for Nature has developed the first statewide analysis of conservation priorities for private land in Victoria.

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Of all states and territories in Australia, the conservation of private land in Victoria is arguably the most important. Victoria has the highest proportion of private land of any state and territory, with 62% in private land. However, it is also the most highly altered state as a result of extensive habitat loss and habitat degradation.

Based on scientific data obtained from government agencies and other conservation bodies, the Statewide Conservation Plan assesses the occurrence and status of terrestrial ecosystems, aquatic ecosystems and threatened plants and wildlife on private land.

For the first time, the Statewide Conservation Plan gives Trust for Nature and other conservation bodies a systematic statewide perspective of the ecosystems, native plants and wildlife to focus private land conservation activities. The Statewide Conservation Plan identifies 12 focal landscapes across Victoria that will make the greatest contribution towards conservation on private land. It also identifies the species most at threatened and in need of protection.

The delivery of private-land conservation is dependent on landowners as well as partnerships with other organisations and Trust for Nature anticipates that the Statewide Conservation Plan will provide a firm basis for these partnerships.

The Statewide Conservation Plan is an important step in the history of private land conservation in Victoria, and will guide Trust for Nature’s work into the future.