Trust For Nature


Trust for Nature has assisted in the formation of a community-based Brolga Recovery Group, which will advocate on behalf of the Brolga and investigate ways to enhance Brolga-friendly habitat on private land. 

Photo: Chris Tzaros

The iconic Brolga once numbered in the thousands, inhabiting wetlands across much of Victoria. Now the species is under threat, with an estimated population size of only 600 to 650 birds, mostly confined to the southwest of the State.

Brolga Recovery Group News

Read the latest from the Brolga Recovery Group in their newsletters below.  The Brolga Recovery Group (BRG) is a community-based group focused on saving the iconic Brolga from extinction in Victoria.

Edition 1 - March 2010

Edition 2 - January 2011

Edition 3 - December 2011

Edition 4 - October 2012

Edition 5 - March 2013

You can also read more about the Brolga Recovery Group in issue 51 of Trust for Nature's Conservation Bulletin here.

Photo: Ian Waller