Trust For Nature


Thanks to the generous support provided to our Woodlands Protection program, Trust for Nature has been focusing its recent conservation efforts on the protection of woodlands.

Endangered Plains Woodland comprising Black Box (E. largiflorens) and Grey Box (E. microcarpa) on a conservation covenant in the Wimmera. Photo: Adam Blake

The Trust is negotiating the permanent protection of two large patches of habitat in the Wimmera region to provide additional areas of secure habitat for the endangered Red-tailed Black Cockatoo and other species of woodland wildlife.

In north-eastern Victoria, staff in the Goulburn Broken and North East regions are currently assessing Box-Gum Grassy Woodland and Buloke Woodland sites for management and protection options as part of a large, partnership project funded through the Australian Government's Caring for Our Country program.

Trust for Nature is part of a project in partnership with Birds Australia, Nature Conservation Trust of NSW and Tasmanian Land Conservancy to identify private land sites to protect with a conservation covenant and manage for woodland bird conservation. The 'Woodland Birds for Biodiveristy' project is being funded through the Australian Governments Caring for Our Country initiative.

Crested Bellbird. Photo: Chris Tzaros