Trust For Nature


Trust for Nature is an important partner in the conservation and protection of Victoria’s grassland habitats. 

Minuria leptophylla ("Minnie Daisy")

Trust for Nature has access to a range of different tools to help you to conserve some of the most important and often overlooked natural assets in the most arable areas of south-eastern Australia.  Those tools include voluntary covenants, offset agreements, revolving fund purchases, purchase for inclusion in the National Reserve System and help for you to access tender programs.

Grassy ecosystems, which include the grassy woodlands of lowland Victoria, have enabled primary production in Victoria since Europeans started broad acre farming of these fertile plains since the 1850s.  Few examples now exist of the wide open park like plains that the early explorers such as Mitchell fell in love with after his months of travel through the much less promising country of inland New South Wales.  The Victorian grassy plains have played an important role in the development of our modern society. 

Now these ecosystems are under extreme stress with many of the areas that were once covered in these diverse and dynamic ecosystems cleared to improve production outcomes.  Since European arrival, we have lost forever around 500,000 hectares or greater than 95% of the pre European extent of grasslands in lowland Victoria making these one of the most cleared ecosystems in Australia.   Few other regions and ecosystems in the world have undergone a greater level of clearing in the past 200 years. It is time to act and conserve what is left before it is too late.  If you have or know of a grassland remnant please contact Trust for Nature.

In 2010 we purchased the 1895ha Wanderers Plain property – a key piece in the Northern Plains grassland landscape. We were also instrumental in the development of a Northern Plains Grassland Strategy, launched at the opening of Wanderers Plains.

Read more about the Northern Plains Grasslands and actions for management Strategy.

Our grasslands team works across all grasslands of Victoria.

The Victorian Volcanic Plains covers 2.3 million hectares from Portland to Melbourne.

Visit the Victorian Volcanic Plains (VVP) Conservation Management Network website to learn about the temperate grasslands of the VVP and other flora and fauna that call this area home.  

The Northern Plains Conservation Management Network covers the grassland and grassy woodland sites of the patho and Avoca Plains in the North Central catchment area.

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