Trust For Nature

West Gippsland properties

Trust for Nature owns four properties in the West Gippsland region


  • Grieve Nature Reserve
  • Gunyah Gunyah Reserve
  • Old Port Albert Reserve
  • Uralla Nature Reserve



Grieve Nature Reserve

A generous donor enabled Trust for Nature to purchase this 127 hectare property near Mirboo North in the Strzelecki Ranges.

Grieve Nature Reserve has a very high-conservation value because of its size, condition and rich plant diversity. This is rare in a region where most forest has been cleared or severely modified for agricultural development.

The reserve supports a diverse flora and fauna and provides habitat for a number of species that are rare at the State and regional levels such as the Tree Goanna.

The site has been selectively logged, probably for fencing on the property and firewood. Due to the minimal amount of timber taken, many old trees with hollows support a wide range of birds, mammals and reptiles.

The Friends of Grieve Nature Reserve look after the property with the support of Trust for Nature.

Grieve Nature Reserve

Gunyah Gunyah Reserve

Strategically located close to the Gunyah Gunyah Scenic and Rainforest Reserves, Trust for Nature purchased this 41 hectare property in the Strzelecki Ranges in 2002.

While most of this property had been cleared in the early part of last centry, it has regenerated strongly and contains Damp Forest, Wet Forest and Cool Temperate Rainforest.

The Gunyah Gunyah area contains species of threatened fauna including the Spotted-tailed Quoll and the Strzelecki Burrowing Crayfish, as well as four threatened species of fern.

It is an important refuge for wildlife and maintains a wildlife corridor along the Gunyah shortcut.

Gunyah Gunyah Reserve

Old Port Albert Reserve

Trust for Nature purchased this 18 hectare property in Port Albert, near Yarram, in 1992 at the request of the local community. It contains an important remnant of Coastal Scup and Grassland and is in very good condition with minimal or no weed invasion.

It is located close to the coastal Nooramunga Reserve. The vegetation is an intact mature Manna Gum-Banksia Coastal Heathy Woodland with a heathy understorey dominated in some areas by grass trees.

The land is a long narrow strip running parallel with the coastline.

Old Port Albert Reserve

Uralla Nature Reserve

Trust for Nature purchased this 45 hectare property near Moe in 1979 with assistance from The RE Ross Trust.

It is ecologically significant, containing Shrubby Foothill Forest and Damp Forest.

Uralla Nature Reserve