Trust For Nature

Goulburn Broken properties

Trust for Nature owns three properties in the Goulburn Broken region


  • Naringaningalook Reserve
  • Burge Family Reserve



Naringaningalook Reserve

Trust for Nature purchased this 18 hectare property on the northern plains of Victoria near Nurmurkah with the assistance of the Natural Heritage Trust's National Reserve System program.

The property contains examples of three threatened plants communities; Plains Grassland, Plains Grassy Wetland and Plains Grassy Woodland. All are considered endangered in the Victorian Riverina.

The reserve is a species-rich remnant of native vegetation within a landscape that has been highly modified by European land use practices. Surveys have recorded 127 indigenous species within the reserve - eight of which are threatened at State or national level. These include the Mueller Daisy, Slender Water-milfoil and Lace Monitor.

In spring after good winter rains the grassland can be a mass of wildflowers. Protection and management of this site will ensure long-term survival of these threatened plant communities and the threatened species that live in them.

Drumsticks at Naringaningalook

Burge Family Reserve

This 40 hectare property is a remnant of the nationally rare Box-Gum Grassy Woodlands and Derived Grasslands plant community.

The grassland component of this property is in very good condition as the property has never been fertilised, cultivated or over-stocked. A scattering of very large trees across part of the reserve gives a glimpse of what the pre-European landscape might have been like in a contemporary landscape in which on two per cent of this vegetation type remains.

The endangered Brown Toadlet lives on the property while the nationally-vulnerable Striped Legless Lizard has been found nearby.

Burge Family Reserve